It's been 3 days and we have still not said a word. So here we are and here we (shall) go.

First of all, sorry for not getting in touch sooner but it has been an overload – and a roller-coaster.

Secondly, THANK YOU.

And by you we mean... (this is going to be an incredibly long post):

a. YOU. Each and every one of you who came down or round the corner to see your favourite band, us, a metal gig, the weird people making so much noise. Thank you. For whatever reason and to whatever end, your presence has been a pleasure and a lot more. You were few but you seriously felt like an army at times.

b. our BANDS. You were amazing for different reasons, to different ears and in different ways but amazing nonetheless.

@Coroner: as a metal gig should be! It is our very partial belief that this was the heaviest and most complete metal show Crete has seen. Thank you. For the professionalism, sheer quality and loads of fun you offered us, we salute you. For allowing us to lose ourselves and experiencing all that comes after it, we are grateful. @Tommy Veterli, @Ron Royce, @Diego Rappachietti, @Daniel Stoessel, @Danny Michel, @Martin Zeller, @Best drinking companion of all time whose full name we could not find on fb

@Diamond Head: Greece had been looking forward to meet you again. We had no idea you felt the same. The amount of gratitude and joy you brought to your performance and interaction has been humbling. Your class and ingenious concept of what heavy metal was and can be has left us looking forward to your next album (and meeting) even more than before. @Brian Tatler, @Karl Wilcox, @ Rasmus Bom Andersen, @ Abbz, @Dean Ashton @ Debbie Ulrich

@Need: our personal risk, our greatest pride. First time in Crete, first of an eclectic lineup. To be progressive and distinct yet aggressive and direct as this is not an everyday thing. To have crowds claiming they came down to see you (and only you) and others wonder why the f....k we chose you guys to play before Coroner is also slightly extreme. It is our belief that when you leave leave none untouched, you have achieved your purpose. To us, it was magic we can only hope it was the same for you.

@Acid Death: Choosing to stand and be on your own is a challenge. Choosing never to succumb, compromise or adapt is an even harder one. We can only thank you for electing to do so and hope that we may be as lucky as to follow your lead. We also have to offer our sincerest gratitude for all the effort you've made in supporting us and spreading the word about our fest. May we be able to return the favour.

@Spitfire: Heavy Metal owes Diamond Head plenty. Greek heavy metal owes you guys quite a bit. May you receive what you have been fighting for. First attack is sometimes the severest but something tells us third one may just do the trick.

@Bandemonic: Generation next of Greek heavy metal. Professional and humble. We have been left wondering not only how the bleep you've not become a household name already but also how beautiful it is to watch such talent go together with such modesty and positive mentality.

@Speedrush: You came, you rocked, you conquered. What we know and perhaps fans don't is how much you wanted to come play at our fest with Coroner. We think your killer show proved both why and how much we wanted you to play here as well. Thanks for thrashin' with us!

@Project Renegade: You were supposed to arrive Saturday afternoon, you arrived in the middle of the night. We promised you no sun on the stage, we nearly fried you alive then cut your set short and still you guys performed and behaved exceptionally. Respect.

@Skandal: You doomed, we rolled. We could and probably should stop here but we'd like to thank you for the miles and the smiles you brought over and let you know we are really looking forward to the next album (and subsequent visit of course).

@Below the Bottom: Hardcore is not exactly the most popular sound in Greece. Opening a festival is also not the easiest of tasks yet your insane performance definitely made some ears and brains more receptible to your sound, set the tone we were looking for and led to a weekend that exceeded our expectations.

@Keepers of Jericho: Tribute or no tribute, to many you were one of their favourite bands of the day. We kept you for last since you guys managed to do the semi-impossible of bringing together fans of different sounds, turning them into one big choir and for 40' you had us all believing we really could ride the sky! Well effin' done, thank you!

c. Our Techs

Without a quality tech team you have no festival.
We are not the easiest people to work with sometimes so we tend to find like- minded people to collaborate with. However, we do know, respect and greatly appreciate the immense work these people do for our fest. Some of you complained about some (luckily minor and localised) sound issues but you have to know that this was in part our fault and also that issues will be examined and hopefully improved. Most of you loved the sound overall so we are all happy!

In any case, Messrs. @Antonis Alexakis, @Kostas Vamvoukas, @Dimitris Chatzakis and @Haris (we never got to hear your surname, sorry about that, double juice next time we meet...) worked extra hard trying to produce the best possible result in a rather aurally demanding space.

Special thanks needs be given to @Dimitris Kakoulakis who jumped in literally at the last minute to save the day (s) and our mental state by accepting to take charge of the backline (and suffer for it :p). Thank you.

@Manos Backline for being the kind of people who we'd heard they are. Thank you. Special thanks to @Stamos and @Leonidas Antonakopoulos for advice and personal care.

@Tzortzi Mpois for advice and support.

d. Our Sponsors

Believe it or not this is not an obligation. We could not have gone through with the third edition if it wasn't for the help of several small or larger businesses believing in us enough to support us. We are very grateful and we would appreciate it if you could show them some love so that others may follow their example.

@Region of Crete
@Lab Heraklion Music School
@Aρισμαρί και Βάρσαμο
@Bergmann Kord
@Samiotis Service
@Daskalaki Wines
@Victor & Car Auto Service
@Οπτικά Ξυδάκης
@Michalis Stratigakis Driving School
@Minoan Lines
@Καφές Δανδάλη
@Βιδάκης Ξηροί Καρποί
@Γκρέκας Φούρνος
@Κάβα Πετράκης
@Fragkiadakis Fine Jewellery
@Route 66

e. One Another.

This festival is the product of a bunch of fans/friends working together. You saw some of us and we think you should get to know their names as well:
@Stan Lee – Web Master/Flash – Gordon Updater
@Nikos Tzortzakis – Graphs Master
@Melina Papadaki- Merch Master and Voice of Crete
@Anastasia – Bionic Barmaid (both at the festival and every given party)
@Vasilis Nikiforidis- Driver Extraordinaire/ Service with a smile
@Petros Papadakis – Creator of the flier and Zen Assistant
@Soula + Michalis – Keepers of the gate and faith in mankind
@Antoine Tabary and @George Vasilakis – Chore-handling masters
@Nikos Sentenced and @Julia Payne – Bionic Bar Assistants with Nerves of Steel
@Maria Kantara and George Mathioulakis – Zen Masters
@George Konstantinidis – Hotel Arranger
@Nadia Katsarou and @Stavros Saloustros – Rider and Backstage Management/ Director's Mental Support

MVP hopes for the Future:
@Thodoris Antonogianakis – Covering all possible roles with attitude and style but only in between sets cause he had to headbang like crazy (\m/ master award).
@Enas Anorimos – Viking- style service, carry, handling and drinking. Horns up.
@Nikos Chronakis – For breaking his back running around for us while apologising for the inconvenience (Whole new level of polite.)

Imported help:

@Valia and @Creta Camping Greece for trusting and believing in us so much that they created special offers just for those who wanted to visit us in the middle of the high season while being lovely to work with.

@Nikitas Albanis who spent 2 days on a stool on a roof under the sun with no friends to keep him company to record all the bands that performed just because we asked him for a favour. Gratitude level red for us, bonus karma points for him. Thank you!

@George Pretzas – Came down to watch the fest, had the misfortune of meeting one of us a couple of weeks ago and ended up working at the bar, security and anywhere in between while assuring us this was no trouble at all... There is not enough beer in the world to help us return the favour.

@Antonis Siniorakis – Met him at a bar a few days before the fest and then this happened: Yes, I will drive back and forth Chania 5-6 times in 2 days cause that's what we need (pun most intended)... Anything else I can do for you? True effin' story!

@Mr. George Antonakis who is yet to give up in trying to expand the cultural horizon of Heraklion and offered us any assistance he could.

@Vagelis Necroscope for printing everything ahead of deadlines while talking \m/. Precious.

@Katerina Kavoysaki for giving us a great idea we could not put in practice but we have not forgotten and will try to apply in the future.

@To all of you who have sent or will send us messages, talked to us etc offering most valuable feedback. Forgive us for not getting back to you but as your response has been absolutely overwhelming we have not had the time to do so yet, we will. Be it praise or criticism, thank you and please know, notes will be taken.

f. our Security staff

We said it last year, we shall say it again, you guys (and Ioanna) rule. Polite, respectful, fun and on the job. To hear comments on our bands and see you watch the stage instead of the crowd at times is only one of the reasons we love working with you. @Nikos, well done!

g. Everyone who worked with us at the Cultural and Conference Center of Heraklion and especially the two amazing women in the lobby who cleaned up our mess, stayed late to accommodate our needs, made calls, guarded space, equipment and people and managed to overcome their taste and actually watch and listen to our bands (Bella, seeing you stand on the stairs listening was a reward in itself).

h. Our Media Sponsors

Again, these people tried to a larger or lesser extent to help us out by spreading the word. We would be grateful if you could pay a visit to their social media/sites or whatever else and give some support back.

@Allaboutfestivals for promoting us even before we asked them.
@Metal Invader
@Rock Hard Greece and @Metal Hammer Greece with special thanks to @Dimitris Tsellos and
@Nick Tragakis for additionally volunteering to offer any help required. Thank you.
@Στο Κόκκινο Radio with special thanks to @Rythm Hawk for hosting us and keeping us entertained.
@Greek Rebels
@Flight of Pegasus with special thanks to George for trying to assist any way he could while working on the launch of their new cool application.
@BBR Web Radio
@Metal Asylum

The places and people that sold our tickets: with special thanks to Nikos for advice and extra care.
@Chaplin's rock pub with special thanks for the brilliant pre-show party they hosted for us.
@Beatnik Rock Bar for always being awesome to visit.
@Avalon with special thanks to @Nikos Athinaios for always supporting us (and much more).
@Eat Metal Records
@Metal Era
@Rhythm Records
@Route 66
@Beer o' Clock
@Elefteroudakis with special thanks to Antonis for the extra care.

Last but definitely not least extra special thanks needs to be given to @Udo Accept, president of @Over the Wall Cultural Association and owner of @Route 66 for co-creating Over the Wall Crete Rock Festival but perhaps, most importantly for his perseverance and surreal romanticism.

Approx. 4 hours later, this was the end. For any omissions we apologise, we seriously tried not to have any...:)

Stay safe and Enjoy,
Over The Wall Festival

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